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Can you imagine being married to this? October 23, 2008

Posted by Robert in Election 08, Politics, Social Commentary.
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My. Sweet. Lord.

How do these people think for a second that this kind of hatred and bigotry can hold up to biblical scrutiny.   If nothing else, Christianity is supposed to represent forgiveness and charity, not this neo-christian brand of hatred and fear mongering.

This woman represents everything that is wrong with this country.  She needs to be reminded that there are Muslim-American citizens who are fighting and dying for this country.   Her close minded/open mouthed attitude is scary, but useless as a weapon against the sweeping referendum that is coming to our country.  

Elsheba Khan at the grave of her son, Specialist Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan.

This photo is part of a photo essay by photographer, Platon. Orignally printed in The New Yorker.  Source.

During his endorsement of Barack Obama for President, former Secretary of State Colin Powell mentioned how foolish it is that some American’s think that Obama is a Muslim and how foolish it would be to fault him even if he was (which again, he is not).   Soldiers like Kareem R. Khan gave their lives to protect this country.  Anytime these philistines claim that there is something wrong with being Muslim, they’re not only making themselves looks stupid, they’re besmirching the entire Armed Forces, this country and it’s Constitution.

Shame on you Ugly Woman on Youtube who’s name I can’t locate.




1. m. - October 29, 2008

How can anyone say anything back to someone that just says “god will take care of it”…is god taking care of the economy right now? no. is god taking care of the 3 people i saw sitting on the subway talking about how they all got laid off yesterday? no. is god taking care of our soldiers that are dying overseas? no. is god taking care of people who are discriminated against still, in 2008? no. but oh wait, god doesn’t like those people, do they? this woman, and plenty others like her agree with discrimination, support discrimination. And their only reasoning is that the bible says so. the bible also says that a virgin got impregnated by a spirit from above, and then gave birth to the human form of that same spirit. the bible also says that there was a magic garden with a talking snake. do we really need to believe what the bible says as fact? or can we learn to believe what we want to believe and not discriminate against those that don’t, because it’s a belief, not a fact. it’s a feeling, and we’ve been condemning George W. Bush for years for acting on a “feeling” that someone had weapons of mass destruction and thus starting this war. rightfully so, and it just goes to show that feelings should not be allowed in the government. they are not fact. and for this lady on the video, this country was not founded a christian country. it was founded by people who were running away from the church of england. they wanted a separation of church and state. this, my friend, is fact.

2. Jeffrey Kessler - October 31, 2008

If I am correct, this picture originally ran in the New Yorker a couple of weeks back. This is perhaps one of the most powerful images of the war since it began. Thanks for sharing it.

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