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The Inauguration Concert – We Are One January 19, 2009

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It was cold, dusty and there were several people who would have fit in better in the parking lot of a Dave Matthews concert, but for a proud Obamite like myself, it was Woodstock.

We arrived at about 11:30 and the National Mall was packed already.

There’s one at every show.

Steve Carell

That kid’s chin is ready for change.


Marine One?

So it would appear.

Security was tight, but very polite and not oppressive.  Snipers?

US Boarder Patrol.  They must have pulled every uniformed officer into DC.

DC’s Finest.

The American Communist Party.

These guys were popular.

Later we realized that they were probably playing this because George Lucas was in the front row.  Seriously.

“That was good chanting everybody!”  Thanks Elmo.

Lots. Of. People.

Garth sorta brought the house down.  “American Pie” into “Shout”

U2 – Pride In The Name Of Love, one day before Dr. King’s birthday.

U2 – City of Blinding Lights

Pete Seger and Bruce Springsteen – This Land is Your Land.  The whole crowd was singing along.  This was one of the more moving parts of the day for me.

Someone decided that Beyonce got to do the finale.  Ah well, I would have given it to Pete and Bruce.

Smilin’ Joe Biden’s Speech.

Barack’s speech.  He’s just warming up for Tuesday.

The streets out of The National Mall were absolutely packed to the gills with people.


The American Vampire League July 24, 2008

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I work in the exact center of mid-town Manhattan. Any given day I am offered leaflets or advertising postcards from no less than 10 people. Usually I do what any non tourist would do and ignore the sad sacks. After all, what could possibly be so interesting.

Well, today that changed. I don’t know if it was the engaging t-shirts the people were wearing or… wait, did here shirt say “Support the Vampire Rights Amendment”? Sure enough, the people were giving out postcards and buttons in support of an organization called the “American Vampire League”. Now the marketing guy in me was exited. “Did I get in on the ground floor for a new viral marketing campaign?”

Yep. Turns out the swag is a not so subtle marketing stunt for a new show on HBO. So far they have a few videos posted on YouTube and a Facebook group. I haven’t found out any details regarding the show itself, but the website linked at the bottom of this post is the supposed official site of the AVL.

I’m very excited about whatever show this is. I LOVE all things vampiric. My favorite movie is the original Dracula with Bela Lugosi and I’ve got a cherished original theater poster drawn by Edward Gorey of a run of the play in NYC in the 70s.

I’ll post more details when I can find them. For now, here are some pics of the swag.


Well, I’m not quite on the ground floor as much as I thought.   Apparently the viral campaign has been going for a bit longer than I thought.   If you’ve seen any of the Tru-Blood commercials on TV, those are part of the same viral marketing campaign.  The campaign is for an HBO show called “True Blood”.  It premieres on September 7th and it’s from the guy that brought you “6 Feet Under”.   I now have very, very high hopes for this show.  I’ve posted a few more links to some of the related sites.

True Blood – HBO Official Site

Tru-Blood – Synthetic Blood Substitute

Blood Copy – Vampire News

American Vampire League