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McCain Campaign Muzzles Muslim McCain Supporter October 21, 2008

Posted by Robert in Election 08, Humor, Politics.
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Meet Daniel Zubairi, a grassroots organizer for the McCain/Palin Campaign.   Above you’ll see Daniel bravely speak out against the hatred being spewed by one of a bunch of bad apples that have been making the McCain rallies sound a lot like some other rallies that you can find in old news reels. 

Daniel confronts 2 people that are handing out stickers and spewing lies about Barack Obama being connected to radical Islam and Communism.  As an Muslim and a McCain campaign organizer, Daniel really sticks it to them and says in no uncertain terms that they do not represent the views of the campaign and the campaign does not condone their actions.

Wonderful!  This is just the kind of straight-talk that I would expect from the McCain campaign.  The only problem is, the campaign is not allowing Daniel to speak to the press. 

Wow.  Just when they get a chance to allow an official representative of the campaign to speak out against hatred, fear and lies as a campaign tactic, they muzzle him.

I thought McCain said he was proud of the people at his rallies? I agree that it’s foolish to judge a candidate based on the lowest of his supporters.  I’m sure that Obama has radical Islamic supporters just like McCain has White Supremacist supporters.  But I’m positive that if the press wanted to interview an official member of the Obama campaign that confronted a group of radical Islamics at an Obama rally, they would be allowed.   Why is the McCain campaign extending it’s theme of press black-outs?  It hasn’t worked with Sarah Palin, and it’s certainly not going to work with a like-able character like Daniel.

Let Daniel Speak!



1. michelle2005 - October 21, 2008

You said, “Why is the McCain campaign extending it’s theme of press black-outs?”

Personally, I’m convinced it due you cannot defend the indefensible. I just did a post titled…..”Hannity…Fair and Balanced. REALLY?”

Hannity interviewed Mc Cain and Palin. He OBVIOUSLY misquoted Senator Obama…and neither one of them corrected Hannity. Of couse, it was on FOX news…but still, they purposely mislead folks that were watching that interview.

Palin angers me to the point I could just spit! The only air left in that campaign is the air between her ears.


2. Acara - October 23, 2008

McCain/Palin have used Muslims as part of a racial/religious smear tactic, that is aimed to create fear of Muslims as terrorist. Why would Mr. Zubairi support them and deny that is what the McCain campaign embraces? He spoke bravely… When he spoke, but that the campaign “silenced” him speaks louder than what Mr. Zubairi might bravely say in defense of the McCain campaign.

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