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Hey McCain!! Cheer Up Gloomy Gus! September 30, 2008

Posted by Robert in Election 08, Humor, Politics.
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The video above contains a recent gaffe that McCain made while discussing US independence from foreign oil.  He makes the mistake of saying that we need to end our dependence on oil provided by “Hugo Chavez or other parts of the Middle East” that can be easily destabilized.

Now of course he made a goof.  But honestly that’s not what I’m talking about here.  I’m sure he knows that Venezuela is not in the Middle East.

What I want to draw your attention to, is how freaking sad he looks.  It’s as if all the wind has been taken out of his sails.    Sure he’s down in the polls since this financial crisis has been the topic of choice in the MSM and the campaign trail alike.  Sure he’s getting some flack from even the most conservative republicans for choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate.   Sure, he programmed his Tivo wrong and it taped “John and Kate Plus 8” instead of the John Wayne marathon on AMC.  But is that any reason to look like a sad sack?

If you’re not happy, then embrace your unhappiness and tell us about it.  Don’t worry about being seen as grumpy, It’s ok.  Grumpy is cool now.   Maybe you can capture the emo vote.



1. BlueFRanco - September 30, 2008

I can’t wait for Meet the Press, so that closet wingnut Brokaw can TRY and rehabilitate the old troll McSame

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