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Letterman is Pissed, McCain is Scared September 25, 2008

Posted by Robert in Election 08, Humor, Politics, Television.
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John Paul Filo/CBS, via Reuters)

(Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS, via Reuters)

Something is amiss in the world of John McCain. I don’t know what he’s thinking, I honestly don’t.   But what I do know, is that you do not cancel on David Letterman on the day of taping.


Lucky for us, someone at CBS leaked the as yet to air segments where Dave shows McCain what happens when you  mess with a man who has a TV show with his name on it.

In the world of late night television, if you cancel your appearance the day of you better be dead or dying.  It’s basically like standing up your bride on her wedding day.   Of course this is a little different, because in this case John McCain decided to walk down Broadway and marry some other girl. Namely, Katie Couric.

I’m honestly not sure what I’m more upset at, the slap in the face to one of the greatest living broadcasters, or the fact that McCain doesn’t think it’s a good idea for the American People to see him in a debate in one of the most domestically, internationally and economically unstable times in the history of our country.

McCain says it’s because he thinks this is time to focus on fixing the economy and making sure that this bailout passes through congress.   Great, that’s wonderful but I’d believe it more if it was his idea and if he was ahead in the polls.   Unfortunately neither of those things are true.  It was in fact Barack Obama who first approached the McCain campaign to suggest that in this instance they present a united front and release a joint statement about the  importance of the bailout bill.  But you might be confused because John McCain decided to go public before responding to the Obama Campaign and say that he would like Obama to join him in suspending campaigns and postponing the debate until this crisis has passed.

How very convinient.   Let me ask you Senator McCain,  what happens when things get tough if you become president?  What happens if Russia pulls a couple Destroyers up to our coast at the same time oil is at $200 a barrel and the Dow is down 800 points in a day?   Do you get to postpone being president?  Because based on your actions now, that’s the impression that I get.   I also don’t appreciate you insulting my intelligence by attempting to play this brand of “but seriously folks” politics.  It comes off very disingenuous.

Sure, times are tough.  But now is the time to really show us what you’re made of.  You want to be president?  Show us.  Don’t retreat out of the public eye and away from the scrutiny of the press.  Stay and show us what you would do if you were in charge.    Debate your opponent.  Because you owe it to us to stand next to the man you think you would be better than, and tell us why.

Also, this is fun…



1. pacer521 - September 25, 2008
2. L. Berglund - September 25, 2008

Absolutely wonderful!
I have had a great respect for the Republican Party of America but they really have to be missing in action on this McCain/ Palin scenario. I appreciate the party support system in place in the USA but If they truly are concerned about America’s future they cannot continue to support this twosome. The “Mavericks” have loyalty only to their personal agendas & all the American people should be concerned. Their personal views on what the country should be like appear to supercede the wishes of the people and hence lack any semblance of representation government.
Great discourse David & Paul.

3. Jose Pablo Escobar - September 25, 2008

If your aim was truth, how likely would it be that 100% of your posts would be completely biased towards the Democratic party?

4. Robert - September 25, 2008

Because in this election, the Republicans seem to be doing the Lion’s Share of the lying. If Barack Obama was threatening to cancel the debates for bogus reasons, I’d be expressing my displeasure.

5. Jose Pablo Escobar - September 25, 2008

But you honestly have zero complaints about Democrats? In my opinion, credibility is lost entirely when someone holds party lines at all times.

6. BlueFRanco - September 26, 2008

Hey Jose In culo de lo tejo. Don’t like the posts go over to Red State or MalKKKin’s crap hole.

7. Obamaniac before it was cool - September 26, 2008

Obama has got to play his cards right over the next several days… If Barack makes a stink over McCain’s suspension of his campaign you can bet the McCain will turn it around that he was more willing to play politics than help the working class people of America. I think by delaying the debate until next week, McCain hopes to “bump” the Vice Presidential Debate and continue to keep Palin’s face in the public, but her mouth shut. After all, she’s still fervent in the importance of her role in protecting the US from the Russians. Psychiatrists have a term for it (“delusions of grandeur”).

8. Jose Pablo Escobar - September 26, 2008


I have no problem with the posts here. I am all for discourse on both sides. I was simply saying its hardly a balanced view presented here. The name of this blog is good but maybe not befitting the content…

Also please keep your “culo” to yourself. Me estas jodiendo?

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