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McCain Campaign Continues It’s Shadow Puppetry. September 23, 2008

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The McCain campaign continued it’s “Nothing to see here. Hey isn’t that a giant robot bunny?” style of campaigning today by consistently trying to draw attention away from it’s lack of identity and focus on false and tepid diplomacy stunts and economic non-statements.

Sarah Palin traveled to the UN to meet with a few world leaders including Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Henry Kissinger.   Unfortunately for the American voter who might be looking to events like this to help make their decision, the McCain campaign decided it would be a bad idea to allow reporters to observe these “diplomatic meetings”.

This is some scary stuff right here ladies and gentleman.   We’re just getting through what is arguably the most secretive and covert administrations in the history of the office of The President and at least one of the major candidate’s campaigns is quickly showing that in terms of journalistic transparency, they will be more of the same.    I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat or politically Bi-Curious, that should send chills down your spine.

This country needs a press corp that is free to cover the news where and when it finds it, not when it’s deemed politically convenient for it’s leaders, would-be or otherwise.   Beware the person who has the political strategy of staying outside of the public eye as much as possible.  If John McCain is worried that he will not benefit from more journalistic scrutiny, he should not be looking to fill the most powerful office in the land.  And if he feels that his choice for a running mate is better served by being allowed to campaign in a vacuum (no, that is not a sexist comment about her being a woman),  he should have left her to the relative anonymity of our northern-most state.

Look John, as a candidate you can’t expect to be able to stick to your talking points 24/7.   It’s just the nature of running a presidential campaign in these modern times.  You don’t get to give a press conference for 11 minutes and then take a few weeks off, sheltered from the main stream media.   You have to be there, non stop, answering whatever question is thrown at you.  You owe us that much.   You want us to follow you for the next 4 years?  Then answer every single question.  Allow the press open access to you, your running mate, your advisers and anyone else who might be able to give us some insight as to the type of leader you will make.

This is the absolute least we should be able to expect from our potential leader.  Let us ask and the free press we depend on to ask you anything.  Don’t call it “unfair scrutiny” when there is no such thing in this game.   All is fair in politics and if you can’t understand that, you don’t get to play. Period.

See you Friday boys.  John, lets see if you can channel that guy from 2004 who used to make me believe that non-partisan politics really were possible.



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