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Meet Billy, the Bus Driver on the “Straight Talk Express” September 17, 2008

Posted by Robert in Election 08, Humor, Politics.
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Well, we can all speculate all we want about the true nature of a candidate.  But if you want the real story, you’ve got to ask someone at the source.

Luckily for us, John McCain’s bus driver Billy Mires has mad a vlog about his adventures on the campaign trail.

Enjoy!  Subscribe to his YouTube vids here.

To the uninitiated, “Billy Mires” is actually comedian Billy Merritt of The Upright Citizens Brigade.  He’s been a long time staple of the New York/LA/Chicago improv-comedy scene and currently is the host of the wine-centric “Uncorked” on MOJO HD, a cable network dedicated to programming in high definition.



1. BlueFRanco - September 17, 2008
2. Obamaniac before it was cool - September 20, 2008

Am I crazy or is Palin the stupidest candidate ever? Is there any sense to this rant? She hasn’t come up with a single new buzz phrase since the convention. When pushed for an answer of substance, she offers nothing/

3. BlueFRanco - September 21, 2008

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