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DNC Day 3: Smokin’ Joe Biden the Delaware Destroyer and John “Kid Vicious” Kerry August 28, 2008

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Well well well.  At long last a couple of guys who decided to really lay into McCain.

After Bill wrapped up his speech, Senator John Kerry grabbed the mic and really decided to let McCain have it.  It was about time.  He brought up the point that I and so many other ex-McCain fans have been making since the primaries; What the hell happened to 2004 McCain.  He wouldn’t even recognize the man he’s had to become to secure his party’s nomination.

Then came the big guns.  Joe Biden has never been known for biting his tongue or tip-toeing around injustice.   He managed to come off as extremely like-able, outline his decades of foreign policy experience and manage to devote 8 and a half minutes to systematically breaking down why electing John McCain would be a disaster.  He even went so far as calling McCain “complicit”  in Bush’s “disastrous foreign policy”.

complicit |kəmˈplisit|
Involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing : all of these people are complicit in some criminal conspiracy.

Wow, that’s a hell of a word.  Not only does it imply that McCain is in bed with the current administration and not the “Maverick” that he once was or is now pretending to be.  But it also implies that yes in fact this administration and it’s enablers are involved in activities which are ILLEGAL.  That’s against the law folks.

Rock out with your Barack out Joe.



1. Jeffrey Hoos - August 28, 2008

Thank God for Joe Biden! It’s about time someone mentions the fact that diplomacy before military action is america’s best policy. I shudder when I hear McCain talk about how we shouldn’t seek diplomacy with Iran and instead talk about how we’re on the brink of WWIII. Obama/Biden will win this fall and will restore respect back to the white house and restore diplomatic respect to our country around the world.

2. batguano101 - August 29, 2008

Joe Biden is a good man.
We need more like him.
But they are hard to come by these days.

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