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DNC Day 3: Bill Clinton – All I Need Is One Mic August 28, 2008

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Big Willy Style

Big Willy Style

9:26 EST – Coming in at a trim 20 minutes, this hit all the bases it needed to.  Well done Bill.  I’m really starting to wonder where everyone in the press is getting this animosity story from.

9:25 EST – “If like me you believe America must always be a place called ‘Hope’, than you must elect Barack Obama the next President of The United States of America.”  – Nice way to wrap things up.

9:22 EST – “Thanks but no chance.  In this case the 3rd time is not the charm.”

9:19 EST – Here comes the McCain stuff.  They always start with compliments.   “He still embraces the extreme philosophy that has defined his party for more than 25 years.” – Olbermann analyzed this one correctly, John McCain is an extremist.  This world needs less of those.

9:18 EST –  “Katrina and Cronyism”  – Check.  Katrina was an unforgivable sin by this administration.  Well, I guess they didn’t cause the storm itself, they just fumbled the handling of it like the laces were out.

9:16 EST –  “People the world over have always been more impressed by he power of our example than by he example of our power.” – Um. Yeah, that pretty much sums up what’s wrong with current administration.

9:13 EST – “Barack Obama is ready to be President of The United States” – !!!

9:12 EST – Still waiting to hear any of the following words. McCain, bad, torture, Katrina, Bush, disaster, old.

9:10 EST – This is Bill’s  “Patton” speech.  “My 8 years in office convinced me that Barack Obama is the man for this job.”  – Hey pundits, is that clear enough for you?

9:07 EST – “Yesterday Hillary said in no uncertain terms that she would do everything she can to elect Barack Obama. Well actually that makes 2 of us.  Well… actually that makes 18 Million of us.”  Well played.

9:05 EST – About a 5 minute ovation.   Then “I am here first to support Barack Obama and second I’m here to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden.”  Good start.

9:03 EST – Bill chose to go with a blue tie.   I was sorta hoping something more pumpkin to match his wife.

8:57 EST – Just woke up from a wee nap.  It’s Big Willy time.



1. BlueFRanco - August 28, 2008

A good speech, he smacked McHouses around a little, not enough, but it was fine. Biden finished McHouses off later on.

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