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DNC Day 3: Roll Call – WE HAVE A CANDIDATE, OBAMA 08! August 27, 2008

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What a treat for political junkies like me.  The DNC is currently in the middle of a state-by-state roll call to seat their delegates.

This is such a cool process.  In alphabetical order each state gets about a minute to tell the world why they are awesome, and then tell how their delegates will be seated.

Right now the buzz is that when they get to New York, Hillary Clinton herself will be assigning the delegation and possibly making as motion to end the voting and declare Barack Obama the official candidate by unanimous decision.

Currently the only out of the ordinary developments were both California and Illinois deciding to pass and not cast any votes.

A representative from California just explained that they passed because too many of their delegates had to leave because they are state legislators and needed to leave the convention early.  Oh boy…  That’s a nice way of saying that California would have been the only state to award more votes to Hillary at this roll-call.


Update 6:48pm EST: WE HAVE A CANDIDATE!!! OBAMA!!!

Update 6:46pm EST: “In the spirit of unity. With the goal of victory” “Barack Obama is our candidate and he will be our president. Madame secretary, I move that the convention suspend the procedural rules”

Update 6:45pm EST: Hillary has got the mic.  The place is going absolutely bat-shit insane.

Update 6:43pm EST: Illinois is much more talkative this time around.  Clinton is on her way in as they yield to New York.  And awaaaaay we go!

Update 6:42pm EST: Well, they yielded, but this guy is still speaking.  Wrap it up dude.

Update 6:40pm EST: Well, here we go. New Mexico is up and they’re speaking in Spanish.  They do in fact yield to Illinois.

Update 6:38pm EST: New Jersey is up and in a huge upset, they award the votes to Bruce Springsteen.  No one in New Jersey is surprised.   But seriously folks, New Jersey Rules.  They Unanimously give all their 127 votes for Obama.  Now if the governor would just learn to buckle up.

Update 6:37pm EST: Well, it’s now 7 minutes after Nightly News started and still no official nominee. So it looks like the Dems didn’t want to make it easy for the news folks.

Update 6:35pm EST: Nevada is up.  Just like Missouri, nobody can agree on how this is pronounced.   1392.5 for Obama and 341.5 for Clinton.

Update 6:30pm EST: MSNBC just reported that New Mexico will yield it’s vote back to Illinois who will allow Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago to yield to New York.  I’m assuming that NY will not yield, as New Yorkers do not know how to.

Update 6:29pm EST: Currently the votes stand at 1321.5 for Obama and 323.5 for Clinton.  You can blame Americans Abroad for the decimal.

Update 6:27pm EST: Only 6 more states to go till New York gets their say.  Still no sign of Hillary, but Senator Chuck Rangel said earlier that she would be there.  We shall see.



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