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DNC Day 2: The Warm Up Acts August 27, 2008

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I'm thinking the orange one. What about you?

I'm thinking the orange one. What about you?

It’s day two of the madness in Denver and all the political world and blogosphere alike are buzzing about just what Hillary Clinton is going to say during her speech tonight.   It’s pretty much accepted that anything short of a direct order to her supporters to throw their support behind Barack. It would also be nice if she takes the time to really lambast McCain.

Last night was wonderful and all, and I thank you for indulging me in my gushfest, but tonight the Dems need to really begin the offensive strikes against McCain and the newly energized neo-cons.

But before Hillary can have her say, we need to get through the other guys.

Fast Eddy

Fast Eddy

The first major speech of the night came from an old buddy of mine, Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania.  This guy has always been a favorite of mine.  He comes off like that lovable uncle who you really hope has too much to drink, because then he’ll just start handing out cash and telling people how he really feels about them.  That’s my kind of honesty.

Rendell focused mostly on the topic of the energy crisis.   It was a very convincing speech, but it was a little strange because there didn’t seem to be that many people in the audience.  He kept rising to these crescendos with his voice but there just wasn’t the crowd noise that you like to hear when you’re trying to whip people up into a fever pitch.  It’s like when you go see Ben Folds in concert but you’ve got to get through 2 local bands before you even get to the opening act.  But in this case you actually really like one of the local bands.

Bobby's World

Bobby's World

Next up for the night was Senator Bob Casey, Jr.  Pretty good speech here.  Senator Casey is the token Dem who is Pro-Life.  That’s fine, I’m Pro-Life too, most Dems are.  We just see that you can be Pro-Life while supporting a woman’s right to choose.  A lot of ultra-conservatives would have you think that we’re for mandatory abortions, that I would be against.  Just like mandatory gay marriage.  That would be way to much hairy snuggling for me.  Senator Casey’s lasting impression on the convention should starting what is the chant “4 More Months!”  I see what you did there Senator.  You get 2 points.

Ed Harris?

Ed Harris?

Governor Warner of Virginia is up right now. Technically he’s the keynote of the night, although no one has any delusions as to who is the most anticipated speaker of the evening.  He seems to be a little more confident on the mic.  He spoke of the possibility of having an administration who actually believes in science.  Wow, that would be fun.  I was blinded with science once.  It was fun.

Still, after 3 major speeches of the night, we’re really laking in the verbally destroying John McCain category.  WAKE UP DEMS!!!  GROW A PAIR!!!

Now we wait for the one they call Hillary.  She’s got one of the biggest sets in congress, maybe she can show us the way.

Oh yeah, Dennis Kucinich was there too.  He’s always entertaining.



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