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DNC Day 2 – The Strong, Stoic Pants Suit of Unity August 27, 2008

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Orange, I knew it!!

Orange, I knew it!!

This will be an attempt at a live blog of Hillary’s DNC Speech.   Please excuse grammatical and spelling errors. Also, please excuse my dear Aunt Sally.   She’s not very good at math.

10:35pm EST – MSNBC keeps going back and forth from shots of Bill Clinton supposedly being handed a “Unity” sign and not quite holding it up.

10:36pm EST – The “Hillary” intro video is going.  So far we’ve heard “You Really Got Me Now” and “Are You Gonna Go My Way”.   Chelsea Clinton is doing the narration.

10:38pm EST – Amy Poehler!! Tina Fey!!!  SNL gets some love!

10:41pm EST – 18 Million Cracks.  Let the healing being.

10:41pm EST – Hillary takes the stage.  THE WINNER IS ORANGE!!  I CALLED IT!!

10:44pm EST – Bill is getting misty.

10:45pm EST – “A proud supporter of Barack Obama” – Michelle seems to like it.

10:48pm EST – “No Way. No How. No McCain. Barack Obama is My Candidate!” – Now that’s a t-shirt I’d buy.

10:51pm EST – “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-Suits” Well played Hillary, well played.

10:56pm EST – Why does every single politician do the thumb-on-top-of-the-fist thing?

10:59pm EST – Bill gets a shout out.  Ah, the good old days.

11:00pm EST – Universal Healthcare sounds good.

11:01pm EST – Lots of love so far for Barack, but I really would like to see her lay into McCain more.

11:04pm EST –  “McCain and Bush are awfully hard to tell apart” – Niiiiice.

11:07pm EST – 26 Minutes long.  Keith Olbermann calls it a “Grand Slam”.  I’d agree with him.

Well, the general consensus is that the deed has been done.  Hillary took the high road in a way that many people did not think possible.    Not only did she make it blatantly clear that at this point if you were her supporter and you are not currently supporting Barack Obama that you are no longer her supporter, but she gave concrete reasons as to why you should be happy about your new support of Obama.

It wasn’t an direct order to support him, it was a thoughtful, forceful and compelling list of reason why anything other than full support of Barack would be inconceivable to anyone who supported her.   She even made it clear that if you were supporting her because of who she was and not what she stood for than you basically completely missed the point entirely.

All I can say is Bravo Hillary, Bravo.   You won back this supporter.  You’ve continued the theme of healing in a way that only you could.   We can now only hope that those among your more hardened and stubborn supporters will take your words to heart.

That’s it until tomorrow night.  We’ll see if the boys can hold a candle to the women.

PS: Great choice on the orange.



1. Obamaniac before it was cool - August 27, 2008

Homerun Without a doubt. She’ll be back in 2016 (still much younger than McCain is now).

2. gettheconcept - August 27, 2008

Hillary’s speech came off a little to clean for me. Her speech is one that her speech writers can be proud of .

However, Hillary talked about the issues, but not about Barrack’s abilities. [Recall her “how is do you want to answer the red phone in the morning senario.”]

I believe her platform was more issue oriented than Barrack’s when campaigning against him. That’s why I like Hillary, and felt uncomfortable hearing her pass the torch so easily.

Without question Barrack is a great orator. He can “sell the sizzle.” Time will tell during future debates against McCain on where he stands on certain issues. The Republicans will force his hand.

3. Cece from the Bronx - August 27, 2008

Please somebody……….start selling “Sisterhood of the traveling Pantsuits” T-shirts. What a fundraiser that would be. Great speech, she did us proud.

4. maria aleksic - August 28, 2008

Please , somebody start selling “Sisterhood Traveling Pants suite”
the Fashion right now is brrrr, sombody have to sell samthing NICE.

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