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DNC Day 1: Michelle, My Belle or How Teddy Got His Groove Back August 26, 2008

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Dem's Do Denver - Day 1

Dem's Do Denver - Day 1

Well, it would appear as day 1 of the DNC has come to a close.  Your humble author is currently watching Tom Brokaw, one of the greatest journalists and broadcasters in the history of televised news, discuss the speech that Michelle Obama just finished.

She and Senator Ted Kennedy were, in a word, perfection.   In two words, Spot On.  In three words, Better Than Ezra.

Starting with the powerful Ken Burns tribute to Senator Kennedy, the whole air about the room seemed to be electric, at least from what I could tell from my couch in New Jersey.   As soon as the lights came up after the short tribute, the announcer came on and confirmed what fevered rumors were mentioning all day.  Senator Kennedy was not just going to be in attendance at the convention, he was in fact being given a microphone, a podium and the ear of everyone in the room, country and with the help of all these tubes, the world.

Teddy sent Americans a clear message tonight,  the Lion of the Senate has a few hearty roars left in him and he’s not going to lay down and be resigned to anything.   He promised that he would be there in the new year to make sure that not one vote would be  lost for his ever present cause of universal healthcare.   He spoke perhaps with a few more breaks in his cadence than we’re used to hearing.  He may not have looked as fresh and clean as the presumptive Democratic nominee.  But tonight, Ted was absolutely just what the doctor ordered.   He spoke the Democratic Party’s basic principals in a way that anyone on either side of the aisle would be hard pressed to refute.   His words were so simple and so pointed, that it makes one wonder why people can find anything to argue about at all when it comes to politics.

The torch of Camelot has been passed to an Obama and for tonight at least, it was passed to…


Michelle, you beautiful vision of intelligence, grace and poise. You did it.   If there was a catalyst for healing for the Democratic Party, you may have delivered it tonight.   It was as if this party (and the country as a whole) had skinned it’s knee on the playground and you as the wonderful mother you are bent down, kissed the boo-boo, told us everything was going to be ok and mad the hurting stop.

Michelle Obama did everything that was expected of her and so much more.  She gave us a window into a Presidential Candidate who she knows better than anyone.  She told the story of her own life, which is as much a tale of the American Dream as has ever been told.  She demonstrated what true balance and respect in a marriage could yield.  And finally, she introduced us to herself in a way that was a long time coming in this process.  I can only hope we see more of Michelle in the days and years to come.

Pride in my country is something that I feel very often.   That may surprise some of my more conservative readers, but it’s true.  Tonight’s two main speeches at the DNC gave me even more to be proud of.  In two very different ways they illustrated what is good and right and pure about life in America.

Tomorrow will be about dissecting and analyzing and rebutting these speeches.  The Republicans will need to tell us why these speeches were not good for the Democratic Party; the Democrats will need to tell us why these speeches were the last nail in the Republican’s hopes in the November elections.  Neither of these points will really matter.  That’s why I urge you to watch these speeches in their whole before you hear a whole lot of pundits tell you how you should feel about them.

Don’t let the people on your televisions tell you how to feel about this sort of thing.  Don’t let people like me tell you how to feel.   Just feel for yourself. The first step to getting rid of our surplus of cynicism in this country is to make up our own minds.



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