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The Choice Has Been Made! Obama-Biden ’08 – The Choice of a New Generation August 23, 2008

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"Check it out... Nachos.  Awesome."

Check it out... Nachos! Awesome!

Well, looks like the good folks at ABC News have taken some of the mystery out of the Democratic Vice-Presidential game of Guess Who.

My nose itches... damn it.

My nose itches... damn it.

According to the story, a “source” has stated that the United States Secret Service is en route to the home of Smokin’ Joe Biden.   So that, as they say, would appear to be that.   The Secret Service doesn’t eff around and they don’t make a habit of protecting people who they don’t have to.   They are also not currently protecting, Bayh, Kaine, The Clinton Brothers or any of the other people that I think would make awesome Vice Presidents.

So there you have it America.

Update: Looks like Obama’s plan to get the word out to his supporters before the MSM was not quite as successful as he would have liked.   Many (many, many, many) sources both inside and out of the mainstream media reported that Biden was in-fact the choice well before the official announcement was made via text messages and emails at about 3:28 EST Saturday morning.  Ah well…  It’s a very good choice. You know how I know?  Because the McCain campaign, has immediately flipped it’s sh*t and put out another knee jerk campaign ad with video of Joe from one of the Democratic primary debates where Biden calls Obama (you guessed it), inexperienced.

Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?  The McCain campaign just can’t seem to get any momentum talking about McCain.  I can’t say I blame them.  I mean the guy is just plain not compelling.  He’s basically running a “lesser of two evil’s” campaign during an election where people are actually motivated and actually are voting because they like one of the candidates.   John, wake up.  It’s late August and the early bird special is only served until early September.  Also, this place has a nice salad bar and the waitresses are rarely rude.

And now for something completely different…



1. BlueFRanco - August 23, 2008

Biden kicked major booty today in his speech, he especially kicked McCone’s wrinkled old hairy booty royally.

2. Robert - August 23, 2008

MyAimIsTruth can neither confirm nor deny the wrinkly-ness or hairiness of Senator McCain’s “booty”.

3. BlueFRanco - August 25, 2008

Maybe Luke Russert knows….He has been shilling for McCone all day on MSNBC!

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