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How many homes do you own? How is this a hard question to answer? August 21, 2008

Posted by Robert in Election 08, Humor, Politics.
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Um... yeah... well it's like... you know?

Um... yeah... well it's like... you know?

Recently, during a press conference in Las Cruces, NM, John McCain stumbled on a question and had to yield to his staff.  Now this is not an uncommon occurrence in the political world.   Candidates would much rather not give an answer at all than give a wrong answer or come off as uninformed.  Normally, this wouldn’t be news.   But this was not a normal political question.   This was a question that if you or I or 99.99999% of the citizens of this country were asked, we could answer with complete certainty without having to check with our “staff“.

The question that John McCain was unable to answer was “How many houses do you own?”

I’ll let that sink in for a second.  John McCain, the candidate that is trying to portray himself as the friend of the common and downtrodden while portraying his opponent as “elitist”, was unable to answer how many different places of residence he holds the deed to.   This wouldn’t be a difficult question for me if I was playing 4 separate games of Monopoly at the same time.

How the hell is this even possible?   Did you buy one property during one hell of a bender in Vegas?  Did you lose a bet on a bear baiting match? Could you not remember if that Bakery/Realty Agency sold houses in regular dozen or bakers dozen?

2, no 6, no 12. BAKERS DOZEN!

2, no 6, no 12. BAKERS DOZEN!

The way I see it, there are 4 possible reasons why John McCain would have been unable to answer that question.

  1. He doesn’t know the answer to the question because he and his new beautiful wife (as opposed to his old wife) are so wealthy they simply lost track of all the houses that they have bought.  Kinda like I couldn’t tell you exactly how many DVDs I own. The answer to that one is, a lot.
  2. He doesn’t know the answer to the question for the same reason my grandfather might have trouble coming up with exactly how many grand-kids he has.  McCain’s really old, get it!?!
  3. He’s lying.  He knows the answer to the question, but the answer would put him in an echelon of society reserved only for the kind of person he’s trying to paint his opponent as.

    If you can see them, it's already too late.

    If you can see them, it's already too late.

  4. Ninjas kidnapped his family.

This in essence is the mystery that is the Republican party.  This single act of personal ignorance (or question avoidance if you wish) is the reason that I don’t understand why so many members of the lower class tend to skew pachyderm.   I’d like to speak to that section of society for a second.

Ahem…  Hello registered Republican voter who happens to be in the lower economic class of society.   My name is Rob.   Does your job offer health insurance?  No? OK.  Is it better to spend $570 Billion dollars here in our country or on some foreign country? Here… right of course.  Last question I promise.  How many homes do you own?  One, right, that’s what I thought. Me too.  Maybe it’s time then to reevaluate your party affiliation.  Because you’re supporting a party that doesn’t seem to be very willing to relate to your day-to-day problems.

Oh and if you’re wondering how many homes John McCain and wife own, the answer is 9, well 10 if you include their rental property in Phoenix, AZ.  That answer would make half of the stars of MTVs “Cribs” blush. The official answer from the McCain campaign is 4, but that doesn’t take into account their rental property or homes that he and Cindy have purchased for members of their family.  They own 10 properties worth over $14 Million in real-estate value.  Now, I have no problem with that.  They are wealthy and in this country people are allowed to become wealthy and own land and property.  Hell, it’s sorta what we like to refer to as “The American Dream“.  But what I do have a problem with is phony people.   Trying to hide the fact that you are in-fact extremely wealthy is something that a phony would do.  I don’t want my president to be phony.  I want my president to be honest.   It would also be nice if he could keep it in his pants, but that may be asking a lot of any elected official regardless of political party.  So lets just start with the honest part.

Update: The Obama campain says that the answer to the question is 7.  Either way. Burn, total burn.



1. javavoodoo - August 21, 2008

Nice post! Have you seen Obama’s “Seven” ad yet? It answers the question McCain couldn’t, i.e., “how many houses does he (McCain) own?”

2. BlueFranco - August 21, 2008

McCone knows how many houses he has, he has to check and ask Queeny Lindsay Graham which ones that Ms Lindsay brings his male leather hustlers too first. He doesn’t want anyone to think the hustlers are ther for him!

3. caitie - August 21, 2008

the question “how many houses do you have” reminds me of mercedes pestovich at a party freshman or sophomore year making you angrier at someone than i’ve ever seen you.

by the way don’t be fooled by my inane, irrelevant comments….your blog is the most education about the news that i get. keep em coming.

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