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V-A-C-A-TION, In the Summertime! August 13, 2008

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Well it looks like the current pet complaint coming from the increasingly desperate voice of the neo-conservative blog-o-sphere is that Barack Obama should feel bad about taking a vacation with his family right in the middle of this heated race for the white house.

Wait a minute,  I’m confused.  Isn’t the Republican party the party of family values?  Aren’t they the ones that are supposed to be the stalwart protectors of all that is right and good and wholesome?  Why the hell would they object to this?  He’s doing what any good father would. He decided that even in the middle of all this hullabaloo, he is not going to let his wife or children feel that they have taken permanent backseat.

This also comes as quite the surprise as the same people criticizing Barack for taking this vacation are the same ones who support a President who has spent more of his time in office on holiday than any other, not to mention a nominee that has been absent for more congressional votes than any other senator.  So it looks like if McCain get’s elected, we can rest assured that he’ll take it easy.

Hey people.  Last time I checked taking a vacation was a really, really American thing to do.  Elvis did it all the time. Spending quality time with your family even when you’re going through literally the most stressful job interview on the planet seems like something that someone with their priorities straight, would do.  The neo-con’s goal is to demonize (warning NSFW) this man with claims that he’s “Not-American Enough” or “Not Experienced Enough” but time and time again he’s demonstrated a kind of grace and foresight that you cannot learn or pretend to possess.

A few photos courtesy of Huffington Post:

Obama wears Crocs?

Obama wears Crocs?

It's so smug to love your children.

It's so smug to love your children.

Who does he think he is?

Who does he think he is?



1. caitie - August 14, 2008

where did he vacation? i’m too lazy to google

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