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Inconsiderate August 13, 2008

Posted by Robert in Not Political, Social Commentary, Travel.
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Lady, this isn’t your living room. There are people on this train who would like a seat.

You stay classy, lady on the train with your shoes off.

Update: Yes, I did take this picture myself.  No, I did not ask her what her political affiliation was.  I won’t venture a guess because I’ve certainly met people capable of doing this on both sides of the spectrum.



1. 2kidsfromjersey - August 14, 2008

Who takes their sneakers off on the train?! Ew.

2. BlueFranco - August 14, 2008

She looks like a typical LI /Jersey ReTHUGlican Bush apologist doing whatevuh the heck they want to do with no regard for the stench that permeates the train from their vote and dirty feet….EWwwwwww

3. Kim - August 14, 2008


4. metacurious - August 20, 2008

I do that all the time, but only when there’s plenty of room for all.

5. Robert - August 20, 2008


You take your shoes off in the train and then put your feet up on the seats? Dude, that is absolutely sub-human. Not only for the people who have to sit where your filthy feet were, but you have no idea what the hell was spilled/excreted on those seats. I’ve been on NJ Transit on the last train out of NYC of the night. It’s not a pretty sight.

6. metacurious - March 14, 2009

Haha, sub-human; you’re funny! Well I’m not so anal-retentive. Also I have socks on, which usually get washed every couple weeks or so. I’m a clean person, and I’m OKAY with it Rob. – Sulik btwftw

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