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Obama may have gone too far. August 12, 2008

Posted by Robert in Election 08, Politics.
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After seeing this video, for the first time I’m doubting my support for this candidate.

Ok, that was a lie.  Obama rules and knows how to use a personal computer.

Did I get you? Good!  Now go forth and Obama-Roll your friends.

But seriously,  McCain lies a lot. Or he’s ignorant to the fact that the internet doesn’t forget when you constantly contradict yourself.

Update: Well, it seems that my little trap worked.  The title of this post has fooled some trolls from low end of Bush’s approval rating.  HA!  Looks like they got tricked down the wrong “Series of Tubes“.



1. gasdocpol - August 12, 2008

People assume that older is wiser.

There is no fool like an old fool.

There is 20 years of experience and one year of experience 20 times.

Senators discuss things and they vote. They do not necessarily make anything go.

2. goodtimepolitics - August 12, 2008

There is many Americans like us that are getting wise to Obama and his lies! There is no way we need such a man as Commander in Chief! He speaks before thinking with that tiny brain of his!

3. Robert - August 12, 2008

Hey goodtimepolitics? Did you even watch either video?

4. goodtimepolitics - August 12, 2008

Yes Robert, but I’m not interested in the European Rock Star Obama dancing!
Its took Obama 3 tries to get it right on the Russia conflict, and Sen John McCain got it right the first time.

5. Robert - August 12, 2008

Forgive me, but I’m a bit more interested in the conflict that Americans are dying in, the one that Obama got right the first time. When exactly would he like to give the Iraqis back their country?

6. OMGIAMGOINGNUTS - August 12, 2008

This is the way I see it. We have TWO choices, either McCain or Obama. Now you have to ask yourself ‘who’ do ‘you’ feel safer with running our country? I’m so sick of Obama saying that he didn’t approve of the war. NOBODY approved of it! The US had to do what they had to do to keep us safe. Period. Obama had NOT even a vote in this matter. Gesssssh this man totally creeps me out!
McCain 08 for me.

7. Robert - August 12, 2008

Please explain to me how you feel any safer because of the war in Iraq? Please, they had no weapons of mass destruction, no biological warfare weapons and no ability to attack us in any way. The terrorists on 9/11 came mostly from Saudi Arabia and were coordinated out of Afghanistan. Please explain to me how pissing off the entire Middle East at a time when our country enjoyed unprecedented world-wide support was a good idea that made us safer. Isolationism didn’t work at the beginning of WWII and it’s not going to work now. We cannot defeat anyone with the rest of the world thinking we’re a bunch of cowboys. Just look at Georgia, now they want our help because they helped us in Iraq.

Call Obama a “European Rock-Star” all you want, but John McCain is going to do nothing to return our country to it’s proper place as the perfect example of liberty around the world.

I don’t fear Islamic extremism and I work in Midtown Manhattan everyday. What I do fear is giving up the principles that our country should stand for because the people currently in charge tell me that’s the only way to make me safe.

8. BlueFranco - August 12, 2008

Hey you wingnut bullcrap Bush apologists….McSame is a loser…..even your Queen of wingnutville Michelle MalKKKin thinks so.
So don’t come around dem der parts of the sphere mucking it up with your wingnut talking points….
OH by the way Charlie Crist and Lindsay Graham are closet case queens!….bwaahahahaha…but you already knew that!

9. BlueFranco - August 12, 2008

Here;s a good one from the Jed report

McCain”the ONE for the lobbyists”

10. Dave - August 15, 2008

I don’t think the problem is that McCain is a huge liar.

I think the problem is that 4 more years of Keynsian deficit spending (which has worked precisely 0 times in history) is going to bury us in such a deep recession that that idiot Bernanke will lower the shit out of interest rates and print way too much money increasing inflation while static wages and salaries don’t reflect the increase.

That’s when the Chinese take over.

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