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Why is McCain being a Negative Nelly? July 30, 2008

Posted by Robert in Election 08, Politics.
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You wouldn't like me when I'm Angry.

You wouldn't like me when I'm Angry.

In it’s latest ad today, John McCain’s increasingly desperate campaign has decided to bring up some pretty disturbing specters.  Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s Al Qaeda right? Nope not that one.  Well than it has to be Ahmadinejad. Nope, not that handsome devil.  Ok, I’ve got it, it’s Chupacabra.  Well, you’re getting closer.

No in the end, the John McCain misdirection machine choose to pick two of the scariest specters ever to grace these 50 United States.  Paris and Britney.   That’s right, America’s sweethearts.   It would appear that John McCain feels that Obama’s trip to Europe, Asia and the Middle East did way too much toward bringing some global good-will back to the American people.   He chose to draw attention away from a person who’s seen around the world as a great step forward and try and group that person with the likes of an amateur porn-star and a delinquent mother (although this blog wishes them both the best).

John, just between you and me, can we talk for a minute?  Thanks.  See here’s the thing.  I really liked you.   I mean REALLLY liked you back in 2004.  I so liked you that for a second I even considered voting for W if you were his running mate,  just because everyone knows that Cheney is the real evil one and I thought you were something different.   I was even rooting for you last summer when it appeared that you had a snowball’s chance of getting to where you are today.   I figured, even if the Dem doesn’t take the oval office, at least my old buddy Maverick McCain can run the country.

But somewhere along the line that changed.   You seem like a completely different person now.   It wasn’t too long ago that you pledged a clean and positive campaign.   I can’t tell you the last time that I’ve heard something from your campaign that seemed like a positive attribute of yourself, it’s been all Obama bashing.   But then again, I’m probably not on the right email list.   But do you honestly think that continuing with this process of negative, misleading and downright false ads is going to help you?   Face it, you’ve put yourself in a really tough position.   You’re not the voice of progress, that role is firmly taken by your opponent.   You’re not the voice of a solution to the mess in the Middle East.  In fact, just today Barack has secured the approval of the Afghan Ambassador to America to go with his buddy the President of Iraq.   Leaders of the countries that we’re fighting in, both like his plan more than yours.   But if you change and try and evoke some of the magic that you seemed to have 4 years ago, you’re doomed to alienate the base that has gotten you the nomination in the first place.

I really don’t know what to tell you buddy.   I can’t say I hope you pull it out, because I really don’t.   You really don’t seem like that bad of a guy, but this country doesn’t need a president who can’t even put his own credentials in his campaign ads.   This country needs vision and sound levelheaded leadership.   It needs someone who sees that there’s much more at stake here than pride or patriotism.   The stake of the free world and the future of our country’s sovereignty is on the line and we need someone who can restore our rightful place as the worlds perfect example of liberty, freedom and a place where tyranny can never prosper.

This is your idealistic, bleeding heart pinko signing off.

Progress 08.



1. loomisnews - July 30, 2008

The Grumpy Warrior just goin’ for the bimbo vote. Tho they ain’t been called “bimbos” since he was part of the Keating 5.

He gone from confused to angry to… just bizarre.

He’ll be back in form once he gets back to his afternoon nap schedule and his daily dose of prunes, I reckon.

2. BrokawSucks - July 31, 2008


3. BlueFranco - August 2, 2008

Here is proof McBush started the nonsense with Obama

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