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Ich bin ein Obamamaniac. July 24, 2008

Posted by Robert in Election 08, Politics.
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If you missed it, then you missed it.

Barack Obama just wrapped up what I consider to be one of the most increadible feats of international relations I’ve ever witnessed in my quater century on this planet.

It portrayed perfectly what myself and most of the people of my generation (and many others) want to see from the leadership in our country. He spoke as if he cared how our great country is percieved around the world, something that the current administration and the Republican candidate seem to feel isn’t much of a concern. He didn’t make his address to registered American voters. He didn’t even make it to the multitudes of German citizens in attendance. He made his address to the planet. What planet you ask? Earth, that’s what planet. Some of the citizens in this country should take note that we happen to be sharing this sphere with a whole bunch of other people who might not know the words to “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”, but none the less have just as much stake in our actions around the world as we do.

We may be in quite the pickle here in the good old USA. Gas prices are through the roof, we’re stuck in a war that we got into under false pretences, housing forclosures, terrorism and lest we forget the silent killer, ninjas. Even with all that, one who cut his teeth working on the South-Side of Chicago manages to speak to hundreds of thousands of people and make them cheer and clap and waive the American Flag. Folks, I’ve been to Europe since the Iraq War started. The last American flag I saw in Euroupe was outside the British Parliament Building, held upside down and it had “NO BLOOD FOR OIL” scrawled on it.

The writing is on the wall. The world, not just our country is hungry for a new type of leader. Someone who takes this “Leader of the Free World” mantle as more than just a cool thing the people on the tv call him. Last time I checked the “Free World” didn’t only exist between the Atlantic and Pacific. Barack may not be perfect. I’ll be the first to admit that. But, he’s got the vision. He’s not going to govern as if this country existed in some sort of vacuum.

As a world traveler, I really want to thank Senator Obama today. I really feel like he did more today to improve the good will shown to our country and it’s citizens than I’ve seen since this war started. I can only hope that it translates to votes in November. Because we simply cannot afford 4, 8 or 24 more years with an administration that has a policy of spreading ill will across the world.

Moveon.org is giving out free Obama pins to anyone interested. No strings attached. I’ve opted to throw them 20 bucks for the 45 pin pack and plan on handing them out to anyone who’s interested.

Free Button

Video of the speech



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